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December 17, 2023

Binghamton, NY
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Our story!

April 25th 2021

Two years ago, Carter and I signed up for the world race gap year mission trip, embarking on a 9-month journey around the world. Quickly after meeting, we moved from excited strangers to the very best of friends. Six months later, our worlds changed as we traveled to some places that opened up our view to more of the Lord, and more of our ever-growing friendship. As we traveled from Costa Rica to Guatemala to Eswatini, our friendship became a love and we knew that our lives would never be the same! We pushed each other in leadership roles to greater growth, maturity, and wisdom. We will always cherish the memories that we got to experience on the world race! It was difficult to leave the mission field, but as we embraced the opportunity to let our relationship thrive back at our homes, we knew that our next world adventure would be one we got to take on together. The following year was filled with many long awaited introductions, and incredible quality time spent in the places we’ve known and loved. Our worlds merged more every day, as this Texas-Massachusetts love story revisited childhood places that now felt more complete. We then said goodbye to our families once more as we traveled to the place we now call home in the mountains of North Carolina. This community gave us the opportunity to further our education, Biblical understanding, and a readjustment to a Kingdom lifestyle in America. Here in Black Mountain, we’ve found great jobs, beautiful landscapes, and amazing friendships! It was also here that our love took the next step in engagement! We are so thankful to our families and community for providing so much support and encouragement as we walk through this process with all of you! We know that it is just getting started, and we are so excited! Thank you for your love and support, and we hope to see you in December!

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