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Emily Alexandra Chartrand

October 14, 2023

Averill Park, NY

How It Started

Emily had just graduated from Plattsburgh with her B.S. in Biochemistry and had started the accelerated nursing program at Russell Sage College the following fall. Intending to stay single and focus on her studies, her best friend, Hayley, let her know about this nice patient care technician she worked with at Albany Med, who just happened to be starting the Russell Sage nursing program in the Spring. One thing led to another and they found themselves on their first date of Sushi and movies in early November of 2017. Sterling’s dog, Tillie, was there the whole time, and was very unsure about this random woman sharing her time with her dad. Eventually, she warmed up. From there they started dating. They had a lot of dates to the movies, trips to Siena with miss Tillie, trips to Saratoga, and even trips to the gym together. Sterling is a true gentleman and swept Emily off her feet. He held the jeep door open for her every time she got in It, he called her on the phone just to say goodnight, pulled her chair out for her at a restaurant. He is quite the charmer. By December 9, 2017 they decided to make things “official” and suddenly they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sterling lived in Loudonville and Emily lived in Saratoga. By January they were able to see each other between classes and did everything they could to see each other on the weekends. Their time together would be spent studying, watching horror movies, or walking TillIe through the Albany Rural Cemetery with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. How perfect is it that Sterling’s favorite holiday is Halloween, which happens to be Emily’s birthday, and Emily’s favorite holiday is Christmas, which happens to be Sterling’s birthday (well, Christmas Eve, anyway). A match made in heaven! Suddenly, it’s 2019 and they both graduated nursing school. Emily in the spring and Sterling in the winter. Emily started her job that summer on the cardiac unit at St. Peter’s, and Sterling started his job the following February in Samaritan’s ER. A month later they found themselves fighting a pandemic. It wasn’t easy, but they had each other to laugh with, cry with, empathize with, and rely on. While stuck home with no where to go between shifts, Sterling transformed his parent’s basement in Loundonville into their first apartment. Meanwhile, Emily wanted a dog of her own. Along came Daniel on April 11, 2020. By May, Emily and Daniel moved in to the basement apartment in Loudonville with Sterling and Tillie. Their first home together! It was a fabulous 9 months in the apartment, but by January of 2021, it was time for a house of their own. We found our beautiful 2 family home in Stillwater, NY and closed on It in March. We have loved every second in our home.

The Proposal


Sterling had been planning this weekend for a year. One of their favorite places on this planet is June Farms. He booked a weekend for them and their parents to go and stay in their luxury cabins. Emily was oblivious and thought nothing of it when Sterling asked her to go on a walk around the farm. After a long, LONG walk around the farm, they walked up to their favorite spot, the wedding pagoda. Sterling said he was going to sit down and work on a puzzle when suddenly he was on one knee holding up a red box with one very sparkly diamond ring inside. It was an easy yes for Emily! They spent the rest of the day celebrating with their families, for which Sterling planned a surprise engagement party for them at the farm. It was the most PERFECT weekend.

How it’s Going

They can’t wait to celebrate with you all at Old Daley on Crooked Lake in Averill Park. They had a nice 2 year engagement to take their time to plan the perfect wedding, while giving them some time to travel nurse and have an adventure. It’s been an amazing 5+ years, and they can’t wait to see what forever has in store!

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