Emily & Aaron



Emily Cloch


Aaron Charney

May 11, 2024

Chicago, IL

How We Met

June 28, 2019

On a warm June eve, soon after the Summer Solstice 2019, Aaron, a young spring chicken at the time, was having a small gathering at his modest and fratty apartment. Clad with a shelf of empty salsa jars, Aaron was proud of his collection that he shared with his roommate Nathan. Little did he know, Nathan had befriended a cute freckled brunette from the Chicago suburbs through a mutual friend who also went to The University of Michigan. Emily, only two weeks fresh into Colorful Colorado and naive to the Denver bachelor scene, strolled upon this small gathering with her Kiwi roommate in tow. After navigating her way through the crowd of CU Boulder graduates, Emily found her way to Aaron and discovered they had both spent the previous weekend at Red Rocks watching their mutually shared favorite band (Umphrey’s McGee). Quickly they discovered they had much more in common- they were both fraternal twins, had spoiled Portuguese water dogs as a family pet and had the same b’nai mitzvah theme (around the world). You can say it was love at first sight. Courting her the next morning with bagel sandwiches, Aaron and Emily spent the whole weekend together going to the local musical festival and eating Chinese takeout. What happened next was only many more shows and many more nights of Asian takeout. And eventually a Portuguese Water Dog of their own.

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