Ellie & Garrett


We're getting married!


Ellie Kania


Garrett Hanson


July 20, 2024

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Our Story

In the year 2018, Ellie crossed paths with a dashing fellow named Garrett. Their story began with a simple swipe, but destiny had grander plans. Garrett didn't want anything too serious at the time, and Ellie, well, she secretly hoped for more. But love often blooms when you least expect it. For seven unforgettable months, they found themselves in the charming embrace of Savannah, Georgia. Garrett's friends and family only knew Ellie as "lemur girl," a nickname that would stick around for a while, much like their connection. As time passed, their fondness for each other grew, even though they knew their paths would soon diverge. Garrett got a new job and moved back to his hometown and Ellie packed her bags and set her sights on the distant lands of Nevada, but the flame of their connection still flickered. Calls and texts bridged the miles between them, keeping the spark alive. As the months rolled on, the conversations slowed, and it seemed that life was taking them in separate directions. Then, one day, fate intervened in the form of a solo road trip. Ellie embarked on a journey that would take her from Minnesota to Florida, with visits to friends along the way. Garrett, always on the lookout, noticed her plans on social media and seized the opportunity to reach out. He suggested a pit stop in Macon, Georgia and Ellie, with a heart full of curiosity, agreed. As Ellie approached her last stop in Apalachicola, Florida, the question lingered throughout conversations with her friend Meghan: Was this a "date," or just a friendly visit? She decided to let the winds of fate guide her and see where this adventure would take them. And oh, what an adventure it turned out to be. Reuniting in Macon, the connection between Garrett and Ellie was as undeniable as ever. The months apart had only deepened their affection. When it was time to say goodbye, Ellie moved to Richmond, Virginia and the distance between them seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. But Garrett, ever the steadfast wanderer, suggested a visit to Ellie's new home neglecting to realize it was going to be Valentine’s Day weekend. And so, they saw each other again, with each visit bringing them closer together. Ellie received news of her impending return to Georgia, and her roommate Oakleigh was quick to point out the signs of destiny. Ellie asked Garrett to help her move and he, without hesitation, agreed. After helping Ellie settle in her new abode, she found the courage to once again broach the subject of where their relationship was headed. Garrett, however, clung to the notion that long-distance wasn't for him. That's when a fateful night, Ellie's friend Erin by her side, a bottle of Pink Whitney in hand, and a stream of thoughts changed everything. To this day, Ellie can't recall the precise words she shared with Garrett that Pink Whitney-infused night, but whatever she said must have been pure magic because it finally convinced Garrett what Ellie knew all along. They were meant to be.

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