Ella Kate & Payton

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Payton Andy


Ella Kate

December 31, 2030

Loudon, TN
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How We Met

We met at Church. Ella Kate's father pastors at a church in South Carolina, and we had been looking for a Church to go to for a long time. Then, one night my mama came across their church. At the time she was ten and I was thirteen. She didn't tell me she liked me until I had to confess it to her, but she said that she had liked me from the start. So after many years we started dating, and then engaged, and now planning our wedding!

The Proposal

2/17/28 Valentines Day Proposal!!!

We met at Church as you saw. One Wednesday night he said he was going to the bathroom, and made it to be funny and said it may be a while, and then one of the other boys asked if he could go, and he made something funny up and said it must be going around and went out to help get him dressed and ready. The teacher knew about it, but none of our classmates did. So when it was over I was gonna go shout in the door and see if everything was ok. I thought it was funny because we went shopping together the week before and picked out a VERY pretty dress, and told me to wear it that Wednesday, so I did. Then when Church was over and class ended I walked out and there was his friend standing at the door and told me that Payton wanted me to come outside, and I went suspecting nothing, and when I walked out the door, one of my friend had ran outside before me, and was out there acting like they were playing on their phone, and then I turned to the right and there Payton was in a suit, down on one knee, the the whole Church came out because someone made and announcement and we were engaged there!