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Nico Valencia

August 5, 2023

Arequipa, Peru

Serendipity & Snapchats: Nico and Elizabeth's Love Tale

Once upon a 2016, in a kingdom where Tinder reigned and dating apps flourished, our star-crossed duo, Nico and Elizabeth, crossed paths at Intuit. Gino, Nico's brother, and Elizabeth both score internships in Sales Compensation. Thanks to a serendipitous mix-up, they have their first exchange, an email in which Elizabeth mistakenly congratulates Nico on his (nonexistent) internship. Little did she know, she had just made his day! Throughout the year, Nico would sneak away from his not-quite-an-internship job to grab lunch with Gino. And on Fridays (or let's face it, any day), Gino and Elizabeth indulged in epic game sessions that Nico occasionally joined, although he was a notorious multitasker, and still to this day does not have a clue how to play Catan. After their internships, Nico and Elizabeth went their separate ways. That is, until October 3rd, 2017, when a Facebook message from Nico, wishing Elizabeth a happy belated birthday, revived their connection. Ever the mischievous one, Elizabeth suggested they move their chats to Snapchat. Nico innocently replied, in delightful foreshadowing… “this is the best decision of your life.” Daily banter, clever repartee, and many emojis ensued. They continued to message each other for months, though their hangouts were sparse. Then, October 2018 rolled around, and their friendship blossomed into something magical. Nico and Elizabeth became two peas in a pod, inseparable, as they explored the world and each other's hearts. In November 2019, Elizabeth's three adorable kiddos entered the picture, and Nico quickly became a doting part of their lives. The family embarked on their first epic Disney World adventure in December 2019, which led to many cozy sleepovers in his in-law unit and an eventual big move-in into the main house in August 2020. Fast forward to Christmas Day 2022, the enchanting San Francisco skyline set the stage for the big proposal. After cheering on the Warriors, the lovebirds strolled along the pier and ended up behind the Giants stadium. Nico seized the moment, asking Elizabeth to capture the panorama as he dropped to one knee and popped the question. And so, our lovebirds' journey continues, united by fate and fueled by laughter, love, and just a pinch of healthy mischief.

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