Elisia & Chris

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Elisia Burt


Chris Jones



December 9

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Love in the digital age

Sometimes you find what you need in a cesspool

How did these two crazy kids meet? Somehow, between ears and The Jerk in the cesspool known as OkCupid, magic was made! Elisia was so burned out on NYC dating, they started trolling dudes on the internet. Chris was relatively new to Manhattan, looking for love. Elisia saw an adorable photo of Chris (thanks Erika for shooting it!) on a bridge. With a bright, happy, friendly face, with a set of ears they had to meet, they swiped right. Elisia was willing to risk yet another weird night if she could just meet the dude behind those ears. Chris got a match with a doll that led with a frowning photograph on their dating profile. They looked like they just got crop dusted. After a few scrolls through the other photos, he found that they actually have a mega watt smile. Super jazzed that she swiped right on his profile, he decided to strike while the iron was hot! He sent Elisia a deep cut quote from one of their favorite movies, "The Jerk." "He hates these cans!" were his first words to them. After a bit of chit chat, he asked them out and they said yes. On their first date, Chris was an adorably awkward robot. His nervousness began to fade when they said, "full tilt boogie", and he realized they had a similar sense of humor. He was the most polite person Elisia ever met. With the reveal that the two had the same birthday, the adventure was set to begin! The ensuing years have been full of fun, poop jokes, nauseatingly bad puns, hard times, good times, and everything in between. They survived the pandemic together, helped each other to grow and become better versions of themselves, and have been each other's best friend and true partner in life. On a cross county road trip, they proposed to each other under the beautiful Nevada desert stars. He proposed to her which she saw coming from 12 parsecs away. In a surprise move, she proposed to him in return, ring and all! The rest is history, as one would say, documented by many joyful blurry photos! But this isn't where it ends. Many people make marriage sound like the best day of their lives, but that implies that everything afterwards is down hill. There are many more fun times, puns, poop jokes, laughs, tears, arguments, make ups, and cuddles to come. These two will continue to get better. Sometimes in a world of eff boys, weirdos, flakes, sugar bebes, mommas, poppas, gigolos, gigolettes, drama queens and kings you can find a loving, patient funny and kind NYC townie, or a well mannered, sweet, thoughtful, crazy smart, loyal (Florida) man. You can find your perfect match!