The Trammels



EJ Trammel


Amanda Box

July 12, 2024

Virginia Beach, VA
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The Engagement

Our Story

A pandemic love story...

A modern day love story with a classic twist. Technology brought them together, and after they met at a local restaurant, the rest was history. Their first date was in a local downtown restaurant in Winchester, VA. Following the first date, Amanda texted her best friend at the time and said " I think I met my husband!" Little did she know, she was right. Dating during a national pandemic provided extra challenges, but allowed for more quality time to get to know one another. Amanda, an ER nurse, was constantly supported by EJ during this challenging time for healthcare workers. Over the last three years, EJ and Amanda have continued to support and love each other through every day challenges. Whether it was a sudden job change, an unexpected surgery or illness, they always have approached every challenge as a team. Throughout the years, they have traveled to several states, and other countries such as Turks and Caicos and the Dominican Republic. Although they both share a love for travel, their favorite activity is spending time together at home with their pets. They have two fur babies, a "spicy" cat named Luna, and a loyal, explosive detection K9, Kabe. They are blessed to be surrounded by love and support on both sides of the family, and are so excited to start this new chapter in their lives! Please join us in celebrating this once and a lifetime love, at the wedding of EJ and (future) Amanda Trammel!

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