Katherine & Bryan



Katherine Eessalu


Bryan Messersmith

November 18, 2023

Indianapolis, IN

Our Story

July 14, 2022

From Bryan: We happened to start casually texting during Wimbledon. The finals were approaching and I didn’t want her to stop texting me so I made a bet. If Djokovic wins, I buy you a drink. If Kyrgios wins, I buy you a drink. And you’ll never believe it, I won. Kiki found a slot for me in between her 19 tennis matches and off we went. She walked in with the amazing smile that still melts me today. We had a vibe that was only tempered by her light and casual questions like “how many kids do you want?” and “do I envision myself getting married?”. We both were very clear from the start that we weren’t looking for anything serious…so naturally we fell madly in love and were soon seeing each other all the time. Dates, dinners, hikes, and doing nothing together in her sunroom were frequent. Pretty soon I had taken over the good side of the bathroom and started parking my car anywhere I pleased. Over the course of two or three months, I had moved most of my stuff into her house one car load at a time. We merged our ungodly amount of yetis and our Lululemon style slowly started to merge into one. I knew it was getting serious when I moved my peloton. She has the treadmill and I have the bike…yes…we’re that compatible. One of the high points was taking our first trip together to Chicago. We saw Odessa and ate at the best restaurants. It was one of those moments where we were surrounded by people but it was just me and Kiki. We knew something special was happening at the concert when multiple people came up to us to comment on how in love we were, including a 24 year old who insisted on taking our picture. She pulled Kiki aside and said “you’re going to wake up tomorrow and realize you’re in love” and she was right :). Our story wasn’t all roses. My friend Nick committed suicide in November and Katherine handled a heavy load taking on the bulk of my support. She kept me functioning when I bottomed out for a few weeks by handling the basics of food and such. Much more importantly, she was there for me emotionally through the many hard, hard months of grieving. It was a terrible event but was also one of the most important of our relationship. We established the trust and love to lean on each other during hard times and built a foundation of support and openness that has carried forward to today. It’s been a magical journey. We’re so grateful to have met each other at the exact moment we did. Grateful for all the love and support our friends and family have given to our relationship. Most of all grateful for each other and the chance to spend the rest of our lives together.

The Proposal

July 22, 2023

From Katherine: All summer Bryan and I had been looking forward to having our niece and nephew come spend the weekend with us. The weekend after we got back from San Diego, we had planned a full weekend for Layla and Rory to come visit and couldn't wait to have them here. A couple nights before they were suppose to come, Brad (Bryan's middle brother and Layla and Rory's dad) texted us and asked if we could drive to Argos, IN to pick up the kids instead of meeting halfway. I was a little grumpy about the earlier wake up time and tried to get out of the drive but Bryan convinced me to come so we could spend time together in the car. So when the morning came, I jumped in the car sans make up and in sweatpants. The whole drive up, Bryan is completely normal. Like shockingly normal. When we get to the gas station to pick up the kids Bryan points out Rory isn't with Brad and I immediately fixate on what possibly could've happened that Rory didn't come with his dad. I noticed a GoPro set up but didn't think much of it because Brad is always filming cute moments but then everyone started hugging me... like long hugs and I started to get suspicious and was very concerned where Rory was. Bryan finally spilled and said there was a change of plans and that Layla and I were getting back in the car to drive to a random dropped pin in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The whole ride up I asked Layla what was happening so many times that she turned up Taylor Swift so loud that she couldn't hear me anymore. After a few wrong turns we pulled into a carpark and I saw my bestie, Caitlin and her girls, Irene and Caroline. We ditched Bryan's car and hopped into Cait's minivan and headed to South Haven, MI to get me ready. The moment I saw Caitlin, I immediately felt calm and knew she would have everything under control. Once in South Haven, Caitlin brings out 15 dresses, a curling iron, make up, chapstick, everything I could possibly need and I start to get ready. When picking what to wear, Cait said Bryan stole a dress from my closet and packed it and I immediately knew I wanted to wear what Bryan envisioned me in. So I put it on and off we went to find my man. We arrived at the VanBuren State Park and saw Brad in the parking lot. The 6 of us walked a mile in the sand, laughing, talking, and being cute. I was so thankful to have some of my most loved people around me when I was walking to my future husband. Once I saw Bryan on the bluff, I couldn't stop smiling. I don't think I stopped smiling until a week had gone by. Bryan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and spend the rest of his life with him (still wondering if he messed that part up) and I said yes, of course :) After we celebrated with the proposal team (Brad, Layla, Caitlin, Barb, Irene and Caroline) we drove to Bryan's parents house in South Bend, Indiana where both of our families and close friends were for a surprise engagement party. We ended our night at target to buy all of our necessities because as Bryan would tell you, he was only focused on the proposal and packed nearly nothing for an overnight :) It was the best day. We're so excited to celebrate this next chapter in our lives with you. See you soon in Indy!

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