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    The Wedding of Kayla & Ed
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Ed Massey


Kayla Kutsko


Las Vegas


May 22


Our Propsal Video <3 August 11th, 2022

The Love Story of the future Mr. & Mrs. Massey...


What feels like just yesterday... Kayla took a trip out to Toledo, OH to visit a friend, that evening, they went to Dave & Busters grand opening night, while sitting at the bar after finishing our cheese burgers, a group of guys made their way over to the bar area to watch football, one of Ed's friends sat next to Kayla at the bar and started chatting with Kayla and they got chatting and when Kayla was asked where she was from, she pointed to the beers on tap, and said I'm from PA, right where this beer is made, "Yuengling"! Near Pottsville, PA. After Ed's friend bought a drink for Kayla, she ended up buying his friend a drink back, Kayla will never forget Ed saying out loud "that's wifey material". After that night Ed and Kayla, were never apart in the heart. That exact night, Ed and Kayla were making plans to go to Vegas February 2017, she was so excited, this is exactly what she wanted to do was travel so, of course, she said "let's go"! Long story short, Kayla was in 15 states in the first 9 months of being together, with Ed. We traveled to Vegas, Kentucky Derby, Florida, New Orleans for Mardi Gras and that's just some to mention. Kayla used to go home to PA and work, put her entire pay check on her credit card from traveling so much, thank goodness Kayla lived at home with her parents. In between our travel time, she will never forget her surprise visits from Ed, to come see her in PA just randomly. Time always just flew by... fast forward, most people asked, how did you end up moving to Ohio, well you know, Kayla didn't know when she would move or if she would move so in December of 2016, Kayla had a dentist appointment and she will never forget, sitting in the dentist chair, she said, after my dentist appointment in June of 2017, I'm moving to Ohio! The day after that appointment, Ed flew into Philadelphia, she went and picked him up and back home she went to pack her bags, packed her little silver Subaru and they both drove back to Ohio together, where they still live today. After a few years living together, Kayla decided to go be a flight attendant because then we can travel for free, Kayla applied to Spirit Airlines on Ed's birthday, December 2nd, 2020 and ended up getting the job. Most don't know that we used Spirit to have a long distance relationship and we would just meet up in random cities based on finding cheap flights, so Spirit is very special to them both. To this day, Ed just jumps on planes and comes and meet her in whatever city she has a lay over in, Ed works half the month at BP oil refinery so he is flexible and you never really know when or where he'll show up. August 11th, 2022 they jumped on a flight to Baltimore, Maryland, to go see the Raven's pre season game, it was so hot out 90 plus degrees, Ed packed only a book bag, not surprised at all, just like any other typical day and later that evening both, Ed and Kayla's life forever changed. He popped the question ... back in June, he planned our engagement with a event coordinator, that works for the Raven's... in the first quarter of the game, the man brought her over a box and she just thought she won something Nope, she opened the box and it said, "Will you marry me".... and here we are headed to Vegas May 2023 to say "I DO".

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