Melvin and Dyoni

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Melvin Lyons Jr.


Dyoni Cole


Aliso Viejo


July 3

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How we met

First comes car detailing, then comes marriage

We met at a car detailing company. We crossed paths before on several occasions, but never spoke to each other. One day Mel, as he introduced himself could not stop talking. We held an interesting conversation, exchanged numbers, and we instantly thought we'd met a cool friend. The rest is God's story.

God's Story

Suddenly Extraordinary

Dr. D - With God, there is no time. All he requires from you is a surrender and a YES. I almost ran full throttle from what God had for me. I'm so happy I surrender and allowed God to have his way. Mel- If I was to describe our relationship in one word, it would be SUDDENLY. I did not see this coming, but the more I communicated with Dyoni, I became attached to her and developed feelings for her. Her spirituality as it relates to her relationship with God and her amazing, sweet personality captured my heart. The rest is God's history as He began to move SUDDENLY in our relationship.

How he proposed

Food and laughter

It was Valentine's day. Melvin took me to Maestros in Malibu. He reserved a table overlooking the ocean. After dinner, he asked if he could sit next to me. Of course, I said sure. He came next to me and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I thought he was playing. While he was on one knee, I asked several questions. Let him tell it, I had him on his knee for 5 minutes.... LOL