Breannah & Dylan

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Breannah Picard


Dylan Sheehy


October 5, 2024

Milford, NH
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The Proposal


This summer Dylan and Brea traveled to "the heart of country music", Brea's favorite city, Nashville TN, for a getaway with our some of their closest friends, Megan and Tyler. Little did Brea know, this trip would mark a turning point in their lives. On the third day of their trip, Dylan, filled with excitement and anticipation, had something planned! The four of them embarked on an adventure to find a hidden gem known to the locals—a breathtaking waterfall tucked away in the lush Tennessee wilderness. They set out on the hike, blazing hot sun, on a mission to find this waterfall. As they strolled along the trail, they couldn't help but smile when they spotted a tiny Chihuahua, no bigger than a plush toy, playfully darting towards them. Brea could have stayed there petting her the rest of the day but they continued on. Unbeknownst to Brea, Dylan had orchestrated this day with Megan and Tyler. He had shared his secret plan with them and entrusted Megan to capture this momentous occasion with her amazing photography skills. The path eventually led to a clearing, revealing a beautiful lake, the sun glistening off the water. Dylan pulled Brea aside, asking if they could take a photo together. After capturing a few pictures, Dylan gently nudged Brea, and as she turned toward him, he reached for the ring and knelt down on one knee. Tears of joy welled up in Brea's eyes as he asked the important question: "Will you marry me?" Overwhelmed with happiness, Brea found herself speechless. Filled with butterflies and disbelief she had a hard time finding her voice. When she finally said "YES!" it completed a proposal that marked the beginning of their beautiful journey together.

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