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The venue is accessible by the Max blue line and there is Lyft and Uber services in the area. There's an airport in Hillsboro, but your best bet is probably going to be to fly into PDX which is 45 min away. We can probably even pick you up! We don't have any hotel blocks booked but there are lots of places in the area! You can do your own googling, but here are a couple recommendations from the Bride and Groom: -McMenamins Grand lodge- Within a 15 min drive of the venue, has a great soaking pool and lots of little bars and restaurants. This is probably where we would stay. -Dunes Motel on 10th Ave, Hillsboro- cheap and within walking distance to the venue. -The Orenco- We haven't stayed here, but it looks super cute so someone should and tell us all about it! We may have family couches to crash on and car/yard camping space if that's your jam. Please contact us directly to coordinate that.