Emily Ann & Jesse Austin



Jesse Austin Smith


Emily Ann Durand

April 19, 2024

Golden, Colorado
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Our Story

May 2021

We met in Atlanta at the Battery for a Braves game in May of 2021. He introduced himself as Jesse Austin, and Emily thinking his last name was Austin, has since always called him Jesse. Emily also learned rather quickly upon meeting that he didn't live in Atlanta, he actually lived in Denver, Colorado. Emily considered her options for the rest of the evening but decided to give him a chance (thank goodness :) ). And the rest is history! Emily traveled to Denver a few weeks later to visit and we went to an international wedding within a month of knowing each other. We dated long distance for almost a year and a half until Emily moved to Denver when we bought a house in August 2022.

The Proposal


We were on a trip to Key West when we took a little ferry ride over to Sunset Key for a fancy lunch. Emily thought maybe the proposal was going to happen, so she was sure to check his pockets but didn't see a ring box and decided to let it go and enjoy the afternoon ;) . After lunch, Jesse asked the waiter to take their picture down on the beach and as they got into picture position, Jesse looked Emily in the eyes and said a bunch of gushy stuff, then got down on one knee. Of course Emily said yes! The ring had been hiding in a trusty hidden fanny pack, totally a Jesse move! We spent the rest of the vacation excited and talking wedding plans and our future. Can't wait to see everyone in Golden in April!!