Ben & Kristin


We're getting married!

Benjamin Duhart


Kristin Perdiew

September 14, 2024

Cincinnati, OH
58 days58 d3 hours3 h23 minutes23 min48 seconds48 s

How We Met

It all began on one of the most fun days of the year, St. Patrick's Day 2016. We were both out celebrating with friends at the classiest bar in town, Tin Roof. Our paths crossed on the dance floor and Kristin immediately recognized Ben from his pictures on a dating app. Prior to this night, Ben and Kristin had matched on Hinge and talked for awhile back and forth, but never met up or went on a date. So imagine their surprise when they run into each other at the bar! After continuing to celebrate the holiday, we shared our first kiss right at closing time! We finally exchanged phone numbers, but still did not contact one another after that night. It wasn't until December 2020 that our paths would cross again. We matched again on Hinge and actually went on our first date! Clearly, we hit it off and here we are now! The world was trying to bring us together, and it finally succeeded :)

For all the days along the way
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