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Emily Quin


Drew Funderburk

February 17, 2024

Greenville, SC

Middle School Ick

August 2015

Drew and Emily both attended Langston Charter Middle School. The school was gender separated, therefore they did not get to interact much. On the rare occasion that they did interact, they did not particularly like one another. They found each other annoying and irritating... as most middle schoolers are. Little did they know they were face to face with their future spouse.

High School Drama

June 2020

After a few years had passed without interacting with one another, they were reunited due to some high school drama. At the time, Emily was in a dating relationship with Drew's best friend! As you can imagine, this was quite awkward considering the middle school interactions. Once the romantic relationship was over for Emily, they didn't speak again for quite some time.

College Coffee Chat

October 2022

After Emily saw a post on Instagram made by Drew relating to potentially teaching, she reached out to him. Emily went to an online college and Drew was at Spartanburg Methodist College. They decided to meet one day at Crossroads Coffee to discuss college and their lives as future educators. They sat and chatted for hours, but there really was no spark... not yet at least.

Ok... Maybe...

After hanging out a few times after their coffee chat, they decided to give it a chance. They began dating on New Years Eve, but did not DARE to kiss each other. Emily had never kissed a man in her entire life, and that night was not going to be the first. They began dating and really enjoyed hanging out with one another. Even with all of the haters out there, they stuck together and began to build an unbreakable bond.

Forever and Always

Emily had a saying that she always said which was, "Always and Forever." To her, this meant that no matter what trials came her way, she would stick by Drew's side through it all. In return, Drew began saying, "Forever and Always." This became their quote that they would recite anytime they were upset with one another or they had to part ways. This quote has suck ever since then.

The Proposal

On a Quin family vacation, Drew decided it was the perfect time to pop the question. They were no place other than the world famous Dollywood. Emily had her suspicions, but nothing was quite adding up in her head. However, Drew had everything planned out perfectly! His parents entered Dollywood a while before the Quins got there. They coordinated with some Dollywood people to ensure that the Robert F. Thomas Chapel was open. Drew had been telling Emily that his parents were going to the lake where his grandmother lives. Little did she know, they were just around the corner with a video camera ready to catch the best moment of her life! Emily's sister-in-law Angie made her walk inside the Chapel for kicks and giggles. Angie played it off like this was going to be the perfect place for their wedding to take place. In that moment, Angie pulled a note out of her pocket and handed it to Emily. They sat down together as Emily read the precious hand-written letter. At the very end of the letter, it said, "If you have made it this far, I want you to turn around and walk back to me. I have one very specific question for you..." After that moment, the rest was history!