Please note that rooms must be reserved by 2/28/2023! To guarantee your room, please use the link indicated in the Accommodations section ONLY!
Please note that rooms must be reserved by 2/28/2023! To guarantee your room, please use the link indicated in the Accommodations section ONLY!

Donna & Gregory







January 12, 2024

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Donna & Greg's Story

Our story began on as “Sheldon” and “L” the summer of 2017. L’s profile declared she was “a God-fearing woman that’s spontaneous, happy, friendly, honest, passionate, driven who loves to have quality time with loved ones and traveling all around the world. Sheldon’s profile claimed “he was an enhancer that was a nearly complete work in-progress who’s missing his forever ever woman that was Fit, Fine, Friendly, Fun, Fierce, Free and Faith-filled. Our Match score was an amazing 98%.  Our dates were exciting, adventurous, intimate, and spontaneous: long talks over dinners, scenic outdoor bike rides to Georgetown, Soulful Summer outdoor concerts, thrilling amusement parks with friends, indoor supper clubs with live music, but most importantly a lot of spent time getting to know each other and then it ended at the end of the summer.  Fast forward September 30, 2019 when Donna (“L”) went back on that night and engaged in the following conversation with Greg (Sheldon); Greg: Donna you are still the most beautiful  Donna: Gregory thank you. How are you? Greg: I am pretty good... still searching for that woman who can make the perfect Moscow mule and banana bread. How are you? Have you taken over the real estate market and got your daughter to leave Redfin to join your team? Donna: Wow you remember about my daughter? She is still with Redfin but can't wait to leave, She is currently taking coursework in Oracle and AWS in an attempt to enter my old field (IT). What's been your challenges with finding "that woman"? Greg: I guess our challenges are the same. We let, we want, we think, we desire, block what we require... or we are not patient enough in the process of learning someone that meets our core requirements... or we think its the other person's responsibility to put the work in or to make us fix what is off/wrong/missing ...that we are not all the things we require but think the other people must be .... timing, fear to be truly open (or open long enough) to really let someone of value that adds value to an Us or a We ...the ability to communicate that feeds what we desire and require. ..... so tell me what is your challenge? Donna: My challenge has been people with too much baggage and/or incompatibility. Greg: Where did I fall? baggage or incompatible or both. Donna: I'm not sure you fell in either. I think it was more where I was at the time and some things I needed to work on for personal growth.   Greg: So can we see? Donna: Was that a question? Greg: Yes, of course. Two weeks later …. We had our Second first date…. indoor rock climbing with surprisingly deep conversation about what went wrong the first go round and our personal growth. On that night Greg received one of Donna’s world renowned Banana Breads and our journey to that forever-ever love began.… and our Match reached 100%.