Dominique & Kevin

    Wedding Weekend
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Looking forward to celebrate in Ecuador with you!

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Dominique Vasconez


Kevin Zagrean

May 4, 2024

Quito, Ecuador
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Beginning To Current

When love becomes eternal

Every good story begins with a drink (or as for our story, perhaps a couple). Barbarossa, the name of the bar neither of us will forget. Having met in a bar we instantly shared common interests, such as drinks, music, and dancing. Although Kevin is still in training on the last one. Everything still sounds like an ordinary love story. Little did we know that soon we will be facing the pandemic. With us locked up together, we knew this would either be over in a minute or last for life. One-on-one beer pong during lunchtime, virtual hangouts with friends, and some walks together around San Francisco strengthened our bond. Luckily, we can say, all these moments and memories have brought us all together to celebrate our wedding. We want to thank all of you for joining us on this journey and wishing us well in what is to come!