Natasha & Dominic

So this is love. So this is what makes life divine - Cinderella


Natasha Reed


Dominic Mendez




September 10

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Adventure is out there


Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but both our lives changed in 2018. Natasha was new hire trainer and Dominic had just started at the same company. We didn’t plan to date, but a few weeks after meeting we went to a baseball game at Jimmy John’s field in Utica, MI. We still debate whether or not that was our first date (Natasha says it wasn’t). Fast forward to a month or so later to a sushi double date with Dominic’s sister, Miranda and her boyfriend, and that’s when I think both of us knew something was starting to spark. After a night of Harry Potter trivia, that’s when Dominic decided to asked me to be his girlfriend officially.

The start of happily ever after


During a trip to California to visit Dominic’s family, we both planned to go to Disneyland. Being from Cali, Dominic had been there many times, but Natasha hadn’t. Our shared love of all things Disney has been reason for us to visit Disney World many times throughout our years together, but this trip would be extra magical. On Thanksgiving Day, we arrived to Disneyland park bright and early. Ready to face the day and have fun, little did Natasha know that this one create a core memory for her and Dominic. Right in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, in front of a large crowd of people, Dominic dropped to his knee and said “I want to make our lives as magical as this trip has been, will you marry me?” to which Natasha’s initial responses were “Are you sure? Are you serious?” before eventually giving the answer of “Yes!” And that is where this fairytale starts its next adventure towards happily ever after.