Dior & Dominique


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Dior Coley


Dominique Chambers


June 25, 2023

Waterford Township, MI

How did we meet?

Their story is quite the long one! Dior and Dominique first met in June of 2006 through mutual friends. Dominique was a close friend of Dior's college mate, that college mate dated Dior's dorm mate. The dorm mate had a birthday celebration in which they both attended. Dior asked her college mate to reach out to Dominique. Dominique and Dior dated for years during college and ended their courtship soon after college ended. Six years went by and as God would have it, they both reconnected over social media. Dominique living in Mississippi and Dior in Michigan they soon became best of friends over long distance. In 2018, Dominique found his way back to Michigan and they have not looked back. True friendship is often left by the wayside in so many relationships these days, however Dior and Dom have it! They have grown and supported each other through the years. This couple is committed to building a life that they truly desire for one another by placing God first and having a plan. On October 22 2022, Dom proposed to Dior on her birthday! So, it would only fit the nature of this couple to tie the knot on Dom's birthday, June 25, 2023! You are guaranteed to laugh around this couple and smile...perhaps even shed tears of joy just knowing everything that they have gone through to get to this magical time in their lives. From making radical changes to their health... by collectively losing over 180lbs, to completing higher education. Their love and devotion to one another speaks for itself when you see them. Cheers to the union of Dior Coley and Dominique Chambers!

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