Diana Lynn & Roderick Rodel


Diana Lynn Pitcher


Roderick Rodel Williams

April 22, 2023

Roswell, GA

How We Met

When you find what (or who) you're not even looking for

What began as a happenstance Tinder match in a city where I (Diana) was only visiting for a thesis presentation during spring break was the beginning of our story together. I messaged first, which led to Rod's intrigue. As anyone who knows Rod, he has "a hell of a smile." With no previous service industry experience, I believed that maybe Rod wasn't coming when the clock ticked past the time we'd planned to meet (this was the ultimate Tinder move, after all). A friend waited by my side and said "I'm not leaving you here alone, but this guy better be worth it." Rod finished his side work and we hit it off talking as soon as he arrived. I told him I'd have whatever he was having when he asked if I'd like a drink. Standing behind him at the bar and hearing him place an order for "two gin and waters," I truly wondered what I was getting myself into. This drink (with a lime added) is one I still enjoy to this day. I've been told it's a Stockholm Syndrome response, but I see it as one of the many acquired interests/mannerisms that we've shared over the years. I moved to Atlanta 5 months later, we got some dogs, moved a lot, bought a house, and are so excited to share our love with you in April.

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