Ashley & James

Ashley Deutsch


James Wininger

October 21, 2023

East Haddam, CT
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"Just Friends"


Ashley & James first met freshman year at Western New England College and became fast friends. Ashley's mother commented that James would be a great boyfriend for Ashley though they didn't believe it at the time.

Coming Together


Eventually after years of friendship feelings developed between the two ending with Ashley eventually moving in with James and his parents.

Leaving the Nest


In pursuit of a new job, James & Ashley moved out on their own with little pug in tow, later adding one psychotic french bulldog puppy to the mix, one of many new and fresh developments.

The Rules of Engagment


After dating for years, talk of marriage become more serious. After months of work on a design, a ring was acquired and and a proper proposal was World of Beer... on a random Wednesday night in September, against all pre-established rules.

The Wedding


Looking forward to the newest chapter of their life, Ashley and James plan to marry on October 21st, 2023. Apparently Mother does know best.