Destiny & Hunter

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Hunter Schultz


Destiny Baker


October 26, 2024

Warfordsburg, PA
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How We Met

November 2018

Hunter and I actually met on Tinder. We talked for a while there, but I ended up ghosting him after a couple days, because I thought he lived too far away. Then on Thanksgiving night, I was working Black Friday, in walks Hunter with his brother. I immediately recognized him as the guy I just ghosted. So, me being interested, I messaged him again. Turns out, Hunter only lived 10 minutes from me. We exchanged numbers and began talking. We had our first date on December 1, 2018, and began dating December 2, 2018. Things were moving quickly, and I was scared of being hurt again from previous relationships. On the night I was going to meet his parents, I was going to end the relationship out of fear of what could happen. However, I was talked down from that idea and realized we may have a good thing going. I ended up meeting his parents and loving them. They were set to leave for Ocean City the next day and they had an extra room. I told Hunter, "Wouldn't it be crazy if we went with them?", mind you, we had only been together a week at that point. But Hunter and his parents agreed it would be a great time. So, the next day, I took a chance and went with him to the beach to see Christmas lights. On the drive down, is when I realized that I could see a future with him and how much I adored him. We spent the weekend together and enjoyed ourselves. And here we are almost 5 years (6 by the time of the wedding) and 2 kids later, I finally get to marry my best friend and soul mate.

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