June 26, 2021
Kingsville, ON

Kristyn & Derek

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our friends and family who are walking down the aisle with us !

Brandon Beneteau

Best Man

Derek's favourite co-pilot for getting into some shenanigans. Keep an ear out for his best man speech, which will no doubt be filled with embarrassing tales...

Joycelyn Warden

Maid of Honor

Joycelyn, Kristyn's Favourite former roommate, These two were inseparable growing up even living together during college!

Jake Munro


Jake is one of Derek's closest friends... at only bike ride away. He is always up for a good time and lending Derek a hand finishing up those endless honey-do projects Kristyn comes up with!

Emily Vandenham-Duby

Matron of Honor

Emily and Kristyn first met in high-school and quickly became friends. After surviving nursing school together, it's safe to say Emily knows Kristyn better than anyone else!

Michael Sheehan


Michael. the brother of the bride, competitive and undefeated at corn-hole until Derek came along... Michael has a kind heart, hard shell, and always there when you need him.

Danielle Schleyer


Danielle is not only Kristyn's sister-in-law but also one of her dear friends. She is always great for a laugh and offering up a round of shots!

Mike Carter


Carter is Derek's snuffleupagus (imaginary friend). Derek swears they have been friends since high-school and he is just off fighting crime in Toronto however, Kristyn has yet to be convinced.

Lee-Ann Neufeld


Lee-Ann has always been like a little sister to Kristyn. She even blessed Kristyn with her first nickname "Chicken" much to Lee-Ann's father, Jim's dismay she doesn't still use this moniker.

Jordan Ruggaber


Jordan is Derek's chief fishing buddy (although it remains up for debate who is actually better). Jordan has a great sense of humor and a kind heart. We have no doubt he'll be tearing up the dance floor!


Ring Bearer

Derek's true love, he affectionately renamed the dog on the first date and she hasn't answered to Riley since.

Rick Regnier

Father of the Groom

Derek's partner in crime and Kristyn's partner in darts. Rick is synonymous with a cold beer and a good time. The lovely couple are thankful he will be picking up everyone's bar tab for the night!

Monica Regnier

Mother of the Groom

From the moment she met Kristyn she welcomed her into the family with open arms and made her feel right at home! She has an infectious laugh and can always crack us up! She will no doubt be the life of the party!

Mike Sheehan

Father of the Bride

Mike may be the most laidback member of this wedding party. He is always up for an adventure and lives by the mantra "Don't sweat the small stuff, and everything is the small stuff." Kristyn certainly gave him a run for his money testing this saying and his patience at times, he will be walking (likely running) her down the aisle!

Renee Sheehan

Mother of the Bride

Kristyn's mom would have loved Derek and there is no doubt she would be celebrating with the soon to be newlyweds however, we know she will be watching from heaven !