Deonte and Annaliese

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Annaliese Grove


She's ready to get married!!!

Deonte McLean


He's just happy to be here.

Serhenite Johnson

Matron of Honor

She's been Annaliese's hype woman and best friend for over 10 years, and now she's ready to help make this day a reality!

tJ Carver

Best Man

As the big brother he wished he had, he is one of Deonte's longest friends and bestows the honor of Best Man

Abigail Rogers


Helping Annaliese through one of the most difficult times in her life: College. How could this ray of sunshine NOT be a bridesmaid?!

Justin Rogers


Deemed as "Deonte's Yin, to Justin's yang", he is one of Deonte's closest friends and is excited to be walking with his wife down the aisle to FINALLY see Deonte and Annaliese get married.

Larissa Niles


She's the party starter and lights up every room that she enters, always putting a smile on Annaliese's face!

Tyrone, Tj, Covington Jr.


As Deonte's right-hand man during college, he holds the honor of being Deonte's Left-hand man as his groomsman!

Andrew Hicks


He's the fashionable one in this friendship! Always leaving the bride in stitches, he's ready to get this day started!

Casey Hitchens


Aka: Deonte's "Evil Twin", she is an energetic person with a big heart, that always shows her love through laughter and various references. She is excited to see her twin FINALLY get married.

Kaleigh Kline


She's the sweetest person you'll ever meet and she's super excited to watch her two good friends FINALLY tie the knot!

John Settle


Deonte's former roommate, and bundle of joy and laughter. He is one of Deonte's closest and dearest friends that is happy to be accepted as a groomsman!

Mayela Milian Hernandez


Since that college choir trip to New York City, Mayela has been one of the bride's closest friends. Now Mayela's ready to walk down the aisle with her!

Noah Ranck


As someone who has stuck with each other through the thickest and the thinnest, he is Deonte's go-to for any advice, and free smiles and hugs.

Alexander Grove

Ring Bearer

He's the brother of the bride, and now he's been tasked with one of life's greatest missions: Don't lose the rings!

Solomon Barnes

Flower Man

He is one of Deonte and Annaliese's closest friends, so they decided to share him for the wedding day!