Traci & Dennis


Dennis Gregory


Traci Tuttle

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Charleston, WV

The beginnings

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We were both opening a new chapter and decided to see what kind of crazy people were single and looking for company on one of those random dating apps, when we found each other's crazy. She messaged him...and he didn't reply...for DAYS. He SAYS it was because he worked in a big metal box and didn't have cell service. But once we got connected, it was full speed ahead. We messaged for weeks while he was stationed in Cuba. We video chatted while he waited for another two weeks in quarantine in El Paso. We met for lunch in the middle of the week in Marietta and knew that was it. We had a second date two days later and started the insanity of driving between Martins Ferry, Ohio, and Charleston, WV to be together. __ Fast forward and we have bought a house in Hurricane, blended two wonderful sets of children, and kept the pets from killing each other in the merge! It's only the start of our adventure.