Denise & David


We're getting married!


David Bettis


Denise Peterson


January 15, 2023

San Jose, CA

We Met

2014 and beyond!

Dave and I met at a hockey game quite a few years ago through mutual friends. A bit of time passed, a few events we both attended with other people came and went. A few months later, I got a message from Dave, needing a petsitter, his trip was canceled. Again, time passed and we both had ill family members and we both were frustrated and needed a break. Dave sent me a message saying we should commiserate over a drink together. It would be a couple of months before I took him up on that drink. FINALLY, I returned his message and said I had a little free time and would like to meet him for that drink. Dave said yes, where & when! We met at Harry's Hofbrau. We had an awesome conversation and Dave nearly fell off his chair in laughter when I ordered ice water with lemon, he thought I would order a cocktail or wine. Once I explained that I had petsitting to do, he understood. We both had been single for a while and neither of us was intentionally looking to be in another relationship, but Cupid had other plans! We have so many things in common and support one another in each of our individual interests! Over the last few years, we have experienced nearly every big thing life can throw at you. There have been mostly good times, lessons learned, adventures and even the unfortunate loss of dear family members along the way. Dave's Sons, Cousins, Friends and Family all accepted me and welcomed me into their family with open arms. Dave surprised me and proposed to me on July 20, 2021 at our favorite place Disneyland, and I said yes! Together we are looking forward to all the good that life has to offer and will stand together through life's challenges. We got a late start together so we're going to make our time count!

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