Demi & Cannon

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Demi Cruz


Cannon McGregor


December 18, 2023

Orange Park, FL
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How it Started

First comes God, then comes marriage.

We attended the same church since 2019, but never took notice of each other beyond acquaintances. Individually, we were both steadfast in seeking God and put our personal relationships with Him above everything and everyone else. As we followed God individually, He soon merged our paths and brought us together to form a genuine, Christ-centered and sincere friendship. We could spend hours in conversation ranging from deep thoughts to pure laughter, from biblical principles to geopolitics, from the culture/language of Jamaica to that of Puerto Rico. We were iron sharpening iron (Prov. 27:17) with words of encouragement, insightful thoughts and different perspectives. Then just before Thanksgiving of 2022, the Lord filled each of us with a deep love for one another...but neither of us said a word to the other, uncertain of how it would unfold. With prayer, godly counsel and the Lord's hand on us, a relationship began to blossom into a courtship. Now we are excitedly preparing for our wedding where we will enter into a marriage covenant before God and in the presence of our loved ones. While our wedding is open to everyone, our reception is limited capacity and by invitation only. We hope you can join us to celebrate our special day as we are #CruzntoMcGregor

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