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DelJuana Blackmon


Terence Riddick Jr.

February 18, 2024

Carnival, Freedom Cruise

How it all begin to now...

Our Rekindled Love Journey!!!

Our journey started back in 2010, we met online "Black People Meet" in Charlotte, NC. After sharing a few messages back and forth, we decided to exchange phone numbers, we talked for over a hour. Our first date was at Applebee's. We became good friends, even travelled together (I took him on his 1st vacation, and of course it was a cruise), met each other's, family, but didn't start a relationship; let him tell it I ultimately friendzoned him for over a year. Guess its true what they say about those with patience. Life experiences led to us going our separate ways, with limited contact at times, but not before having twin girls together in 2012. Over the years there were some good memories, some not so good moments, and failed relationships on both sides. The dynamics of life circumstances started to shift within the last 2 years, and not only were we co-parenting; we were building a very strong friendship. We found ourselves talking for hours at a time, sharing secrets, he would give me advise on guys I was dating, and I would offer encouragement for him to view his relationship from different perspectives (never thinking we would be more than co-parents/friends. Fast forward to now.... after Terence had a realization moment and Usher "Confessions" he realized it HAS ALWAYS BEEN ME. As for me it took a little more time, I prayed/fasted and realized I felt the same. Our journey hasn't been easy, and some may disagree, but we both believe God has bought us both to this moment, in his timing!!!! So guess its like the old saying "if you love something, sometimes you have to let it go, and if it comes back its yours and meant to be. Trust the Process.

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