Victoria & David

We’re Getting Married!!!


David Willis


Victoria Pinnock


June 2, 2023

265 Ackerman St, Central Islip

For those who want to see the whole proposal🎉💍 for themselves you can click this video!! ☝🏾

She Had No Clue!!!💍

March 27, 2023

“I knew it!!”. That’s what she said when it all settled… but we all knew she ain’t know lol. Now this proposal took some sneaky planning because Victoria doesn’t like to be surprised but at the same time she does. It all happened on a Sunday amongst nothing but family and friends and most of all the Love of God! We just got out a fiery service at OutReach where God moved in an unbelievable way. We all (including her) was tired in the body but full of great anticipation! We proceeded to fellowship and communion with everyone as we typically do, but this time I had to cut it short 😉 and took her out just for a bit to get some frozen yogurt! Now she was sooo stubborn to leave but I couldn’t fault her because we all love to spend time with our church family after service…. But not this time lol. I was finally able to get her out the church and take her to her favorite place 16 Handles. Treated it as a regular day but she was getting a little suspicious; so as any boyfriend would do I wanted to throw her off and maybe get her a little aggravated too lol. But not too much. As we got our frozen yogurt every church member and family member left and rushed over to her apartment to wait in anticipation for us. I started to seem “tired” so decided to drop her off home. Once that happened her emotion changed because she swore that today was going to be “The Day”. As we got closer and closer my heart started beating more and more because She Had No Clue what was about to transpire. Finally, we reach the apartment and proceeded to walk in, to throw her off even more I heard music playing in her apartment (when I knew it was my sister playing the guitar for our entrance)… she then opens not expecting anything… and then… BAM! Literally stunned and stuck and mouth just dropped at the site of her apartment flooded with roses, balloons, lights, the whole works. She turned around and had no words and could only say.. “David?!!!”. Right there she couldn’t deny it… but She Had No Clue! Walking towards the center of the apartment she thought it was just us but once we got to the center she turned and so all of our love ones there lights flashing and room filled with smiles and tears of joy! So overwhelming for her but she knew what was about to happen next. I proceeded to serenade her with a song we both adored that spoke to our relationship as a whole titled, “Let Me Hold You”. (I tried my best not cry lol). Then to let her know how much I love and adore her and how happy and grateful I was to have someone like her in my life… but now it’s time to make it official, make it permanent. Dropped on that knee… and the rest was HISTORY!!! Full of excitement and joy she announced that “ I knew it!!!”… but I knew, and they knew, and now y’all know… She Had No Clue!!!