Amy & David

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David Bouvier


Amy Nutt

August 18, 2023

Lexington, Kentucky
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Our Love Story

It was the summer of '17...

David and Amy met during the summer of 2017, before their senior year at the University of Kentucky. Amy was smitten after seeing David help her friend Ashley move into their off-campus home in the Chevy Chase neighborhood. David tried to get a date planned with Amy, but shortly after meeting, she left for a trip across Europe, and his football season was about to start. A few months later, they ran into each other at Tin Roof on David's birthday, October 13th (a Friday, just like the year he was born!). He asked her to get ice cream at Crank & Boom the following Tuesday, and the rest is history. The two have been in Cincinnati for the last 4 years and have dreams of returning to Lexington one day, David's hometown and where they fell in love! Made it Official: November 16th, 2017 (Lexington, KY) Made it Really Official: August 13th, 2022 (Nantucket, MA) Making it Really Really Official: August 18th, 2023 (Lexington, KY)