Alice & David







October 13, 2023

Vero Beach, Florida
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Florida Man Captures Cali Girls Heart

The best family is the family you choose for yourself. The family that finds you against all odds; that travels nearly 3,000 miles because you are their new home. When we first met I dont think either of us ever thought we would meet in person, let alone be getting married, but I am so glad fate had other plans.

How We Met

We met online playing video games from opposite sides of the country. We learned we liked each other through Facebooks dating section that allows you to add friends as crushes and alerts you when you match. When we matched we were unsure what to do since we lived so far from each other. But we couldn't ignore how we felt for each other for long and decided to take the risk. It was clear we made a good team and we formed a strong bond despite the distance. When we finally met in person it was clear we made the right choice and nothing could come between us.

The Proposal


We traveled to Ginnie Springs for a mermaid meetup and camping trip. While there we decided it would be fun to make friendship bracelets. David made one that said "will u marry me" and presented it to me with a beautiful gothic ring. It was quiet and intimate, perfect for a shy and creative person like me. I can't wait to take this next step in our lives together.