Davia & Faruq








October 8, 2023

Schaumburg, IL

About Davia

Hey guys! Many of you may already know me, for those who don’t. I’m Davia, I’m from Chicago but I moved to Dallas for 6 years. I have 2 fur babies that I love dearly. I enjoy cooking, traveling and trying new restaurants, especially with the love of my life, who I am very thrilled to spend the rest of my life with. I can’t wait to celebrate our union and love with all of you. See you all soon 🤍 #SmittenForSolebo

About Faruq

Hey! My name is Faruq also known as Ruq. I am a big foodie and enjoy the majority of all foods while traveling the world. I am also big on sports so you’ll catch me at or watching the game at most times. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my days with my beloved. #SmittenForSolebo

How We Met


Davia and Faruq met in High School senior year. They had a class together and became friends. They kept in touch over the years. Davia was Faruq’s hairstylist at one point, but when she moved to Dallas, he was upset he had to find a new stylist, which he refused to do and just cut all his locs off lol. They rekindled their friendship in 2021 through snapchat, which shortly after turned into a romantic relationship. Communication and consistency came easy for them. They became inseparable and both of their love for one another grew immensely.

The Proposal


8 months later…. They went to California for Davia’s Birthday. They were on their way to her “Bday dinner”(she thought) lol. Davia started to get car sick so she was getting antsy . Meanwhile Faruq had something up his sleeve. He was surprising her with a private helicopter ride. They landed on top of the helipad. Faruq proposed to her while over looking the city of LA and a champagne toast. It was extremely romantic and beautiful. Faruq always provides a TOP TIER experience. Oh and they still went to dinner after lol.