January 22, 2022
Stony Brook, NY

Jennifer & David



David Edward


Jennifer Jayne


Stony Brook


January 22


How We Met

Spring 2000

Jen was working at the local, family-owned, dairy store with their mutual friend, Chris B. They were discussing the upcoming prom, as Jen wasn't sure who to ask. Chris said to her, "Oh my god! Dave Godin! You HAVE to ask Dave Godin." Jen replied, "Who is Dave Godin?" Set up by Chris, they met up soon after. Over small talk they realized they shared similar senses of humor, a love for music and film, as well as the same birthday, January 11th (albeit, 3 years apart). Jen and Dave went on to attend two proms, travel with family & friends, and were together for nearly two years.

How We Met...Again

Spring 2018

After not seeing each other for 17 years, Jen reached out to Dave. They began texting, then calling. Within a week--they met up at midnight (when Dave got off work) to take Jen's dog for a walk. After walking the dog, they sat under the stars and talked until sunrise. They have now created a crazy, loud, wacky, loving home with their 3 children; Guinevere, Madelynne and Brier--and they wouldn't have it any other way.

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