Daren & Francesca


Francesca Chavez


Daren McCarrell

February 11, 2023

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Our Story

We met the modern way: by swiping right on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel in 2016. The date embodied what our relationship would soon become. Daren (the planner) ate prior to the date assuming we would only be having drinks. Francesca (always hungry) showed up starving and ordered a giant pepperoni pizza. We bonded over our love of going to concerts and on the date bought tickets together to go to the music festival Northcoast (an amazing second date). We have been inseparable ever since and every day together over the past 6 years has been filled with lots of adventure, laughter, and fun. We have traveled the world, taken every opportunity to try a new restaurant, spent summers on lake Michigan and still continue to go see as much live music as we can. Daren proposed on Christmas Day 2020 in front of Francesca's closest family in Springfield, VA.