Danny and Kayla's Wedding

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We're getting married!!







July 27, 2024

Olalla, WA
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How We Met


We lived in the same dorm and were introduced by a mutual friend. Kayla remembered Danny's name and said "Hi Danny" at every chance. Danny saw Kayla in Biology and asked to sit by her and her friend. While signing into a quiz, he asked her last name so he could find her first name on the board. Kayla and her friend watched "Great British Baking Show" throughout the next week of biology and annoyed Danny endlessly. Kayla then saw Danny in her Chemistry class and sat next to him the next day. Little did they know, they had Spanish together too. (It took until after they were dating for Kayla to realize this because it was a morning class and she was always half asleep). Danny followed Kayla on Instagram, which prompted Kayla to reach out about help with their Chemistry homework. (Kayla didn't actually need help with the homework). A couple of days later, Danny asked Kayla on a date to Mod.

How We Became Official


After hanging out and going on dates for a couple of weeks, both Kayla and Danny were ready to make things official. Kayla was consulting her friends about the situation and dwelling on their lack of commitment when Kennedy, a friend of Kayla and Danny, said "Why don't you just ask him". So that night, Kayla asked Danny to be her boyfriend. Danny replied, "Yes please!".

The Proposal


On a road trip around Washington, Kayla and Danny scheduled a hike in the North Cascades down to Ross Lake Dam. With Kayla's affinity for rocks, they had been collecting rocks from every spot they visited. During the hike down, Danny grabbed a couple of rocks and scoped out the best spot for the proposal. Having no idea, Kayla thought Danny was anxious about the drive and kept offering to drive the rest of the way. On the way back up the hike, Danny suggested they take a break at a particularly beautiful lookout and set up a video to show off the rocks they'd collected during the hike. After showing off their rocks with pride, Danny said he had a different, more special rock for Kayla. He pulled out the ring and proposed! Kayla, after expressing her shock, said "of course"!!

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