October 15, 2021
Ontario, CA

Danny & Garret


Floral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral ArrangementFloral Arrangement

Garret Daniels


Danny Cendejas



October 15


How It All Began

A long time ago in a galaxy very close to home...

The first time Danny and Garret crossed paths was a subtle event. There was no ballroom, no music, no bell striking twelve and breaking the godmother’s spell. Rather, these two first came across one another during a High School Theater showcase, when - after giving a spirited performance of Gollum’s inner monologue from The Lord of the Rings - Garret walked off stage, where several other classmates congratulated him for his performance. Among these was an upperclassman, Danny, whom he’d seen around, but had never gotten the chance to speak with before. “Dude, that was epic,” she told him with a laugh. Little did either of them know how much a role they’d play in one another’s lives. A year later, the two would come to hang out for the first time at a mutual friend’s house, where they’d bond over their love of video games and movies. Kingdom Hearts, in particular, sparked furious debate between them, deliberations about their favorite characters carrying long into the night. Their friendship grew as the months carried by, with impromptu trips to Disneyland, whacky High School Hijinks, and sharing a love of all things nerdy. For five years they remained steady companions, coming to cherish and trust one another through thick and thin. Relationships came and went, but their friendship remained strong, each comforting the other in times of heartache and providing what wisdom they could, or laughter and companionship when they had nothing more to give. Five years later still, these silly fools in love proclaim their bond for all to see. Welcome to this celebration of a relationship 10 years in the making, and please join us in witnessing their vows of love and eternal commitment to one another.

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