Jonathan & Abigail







June 17, 2023

Douglasville, GA
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How We Met

TLDR: He slid in her DM's

Everything really had to go right for us to meet, but it started with something going wrong. Abigail and her best friend took and unfortunately failed organic chemistry, causing her friend to retake it, pass and enroll in Ochem 2 for the 2021 spring semester. At the same time Jonathan found out that that he was able to be both a workshop leader for lower level chemistry classes and a supplemental instruction leader for Ochem 2. Her best friend thought he was interesting (mainly because of his height) and convinced Abigail to follow him on Instagram. Jonathan was confused but followed her back just in case he knew her (obviously her being very cute had nothing at all to do with that decision). It bugged him for the next week or two that he couldn't place her, so eventually he just DM'd her, and from there the conversation never stopped.

The Proposal

Lies and Leg Cramps

There are few occasions when lying to one's significant other is acceptable, but in the case of proposals it is actually necessary. Jonathan lied to Abigail about not having asked for parental permission, then he lied again that they were going to a fancy restaurant to convince her to dress up nice, but first they would stop by a park to take some pictures. Upon arrival Jonathan got Abigail to turn her back so that he could quickly pull out the ring, everything was going perfect. Except he forgot to make sure the box was right side up so for the entire proposal the ring was in very real danger of falling into the river, and then his right leg cramped up. Powering through the pain was pointless, so Jonathan did the logical romantic thing and fell on his back. Few guys can say the girl laughed in their face AND said yes, but they all have boring stories.