January 22, 2022
Orlando, FL

Danielle & Josh


Danielle and Josh are saying I do!

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Josh Kahn


Danielle D'Alessio




January 22


Our Story

A Knight at the Library

It was Danielle's first weekend attending school at the University of Central Florida when she met Josh, who was a junior at UCF. The moment Josh saw Danielle at the Knight's Library, he knew he had to meet her and get to know her more. After his friend's urging to go talk to her, he finally did. This might have been the only time in Josh's life that he was shy! Danielle had just moved from New Jersey and decided to give him a chance. After Josh started talking to her, making his silly jokes and just being himself, Danielle immediately starting falling in love with him. After meeting that night, they made plans to meet the next day. They walked around campus, talking for hours and then went for ice cream (Danielle's favorite thing in the world besides Josh and their dog Kenzie). A couple days later, Josh took Danielle to a restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. They connected so quickly, and made things official soon after. Danielle was always quiet and a listener, where Josh always loved to be the center of attention, so they both found something in each other that they were missing. Since then, Danielle and Josh have been inseparable. They are constantly going on new adventures like tropical cruises to Caribbean islands, or following their beloved UCF football team across the country. They love going out of their comfort zone together and are each other's best friends. They can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together!

The Proposal


When Josh graduated from UCF, Danielle decided to gift him with something that would leave his mark on UCF forever, a brick at the alumni center with his name on it. Two years later, Josh reciprocated with the same gift. UCF has such a huge impact on their lives, to where Danielle lived on campus all four years, never missing a school event and becoming an RA to help as a resource for fellow students, and Josh loving to go to events that gave out a free t-shirt or food. UCF was home to both of them, and holds a special place in both their hearts. Danielle's biggest passion is UCF football. She makes sure they both get flights and tickets to bowl games, makes sure they have the best season tickets, and actually cried at the Fiesta Bowl (we don't like to talk about that). On November 1, 2018, Danielle and Josh were at the UCF tailgate getting ready for the space game against Temple, one of Danielle's favorite games of the year. After seeing some friends, Danielle and Josh decided to go to the alumni center to look at their bricks. When Danielle was looking at Josh's brick, she turned around to see Josh on one knee! Danielle was so happy and surprised. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with her best friend. That night, she left with a UCF win and a stunning ring from the man of her dreams.

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