Danielle & Erik's Wild Wedding


Danielle Giuseponi


Erik Rowley

June 6, 2024

Escondido, CA
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How it began

"To all who come to this happy place, welcome"

We met while working on the Disneyland Railroad. Danielle had left the company back in 2015 and while on a visit in 2019 she went to her favorite attraction (the railroad) and Erik was the lead. After three attempts of trying to see him, they finally reconnected. Their first time hanging out (at Disneyland of course), Erik had to leave early and go all the way to Redlands for his Masters orientation (which was over an hour away). Danielle thought she wouldn't see him again that day but to her surprise he made the drive back out from Redlands to Anaheim. Oblivious to the commute at the time, Danielle now realizes how much he liked her!

How he proposed

As avid animal lovers, Danielle and Erik wanted to make a difference and became members of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. On their first trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in December, they explored the park and stumbled upon the Arbor Walk. Danielle said "this reminds me of home." Erik asked "why is that?" Danielle replied "because of all the trees." Erik remembered what she had said and the planning began. On a more recent trip in March to the Safari Park, Erik took her to the trail, waited until everyone had left the area, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!