Daniel & Lucy

Howdy y'all. How are yinz?

Floral Garlandflowers




October 8, 2023

Pittsburgh, PA
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How We Met

The Porch is Home

Daniel ate an edible by accident (was dosed) and Lucy began talking to him about The Legend of Korra and all Daniel could think was "Wow, I really want this kiss person very badly" and also, "holy fuck I'm freaking out, I'm so high right now". So he bolted out the door and never managed to ever get them off his mind again.

Our First Date

Just two friends at a bar

Lucy was with someone the first several times they and Daniel went out. So most "dates" in the beginning were just the two of them getting drinks at bars and talking about Star Wars and how terrifying the coronavirus was. They also spent several times at Dave and Busters because Lucy loves to gamble