It's about time!!!

Daniel Redman


Kelsea Verschage


September 28, 2024

Davenport, IA
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How We Met

June 23rd, 2015

We were both invited to go up to our favorite local bar by Kelsea's family. Kelsea was there for a jewelry party for her Aunt Stacey. Dan was invited by Kelsea's Uncle BC to hang out inside while the girls had their event on the back deck. Kelsea walked in to say hi to her uncle and that is where they saw each other. After talking to her Uncle for a few minutes, Kelsea left and immediately texted her Uncle asking about the guy with the tattoo sleeves. Her Uncle replied "LOL he just asked about you too! Here's his number. I gave him yours too." Immediately they started texting and then a couple hours later Kelsea went back up to the bar and that's where they sat together for 6 hours; Drinking, laughing, and talking about how crazy it was that they had never spoken before with Kelsea's Uncle being one of Dan's best friends. They later found out that they had met multiple times before but were never available for one another. In a way, they have watched each other from a distance never realizing that later on in their lives they would be where they are today. With two beautiful kids, two crazy dogs, and an amazing home to raise the family they have created.

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