Daniel & Cailey








October 15, 2023

Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S., Mexico
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How We Met


Young teenagers - 15 years old, in Austin, Tx. We first met trespassing after hours at a private apartment complex that our best friend invited us to for a late-night swim. After crushing on each other we lost touch for several years as we both went off to college. We met again at a birthday party 8 years later by the same friend that facilitated our first interaction. When we locked eyes at the party we couldn't believe we were in the same room again & the rest is history!

The Proposal

Austin Java

Daniel successfully kept it a secret even though Cailey was hot on his trail. The day before her birthday, August 23rd, they drove down to Barton Springs Rd. Daniel played their favorite song, "Beyond" by Leon Bridges and they slow danced outside the apartment where he used to live. After the song finished Daniel took Cailey's hand and walked her to their favorite coffee shop, Austin Java, which is now Lou's Taco Stand. This is the place where they first said they loved one another. Behind the scenes our family & friends were setting up a surprise engagement party. Cailey was ready to head back to their airbnb to touch up her makeup from the happy tears of the engagement only to walk into everyone together in one room shouting, "SURPRISE!!!!!." With confetti flying in the air, we popped champagne and celebrated until the sun came up!