Daniela & Jesus


Welcome to our Happily Ever After!


Daniela Diaz


Jesus Florido

September 20, 2024

El Monte, CA
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Happily ever after

Happily ever after, a place of serenity and healing. The road seems pure scenery. Where the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and all noises are in harmony. Although the journey is something of magic it doesn’t come that easy. The journey to happily ever after comes with a lot of patience, forgiveness, and willingness. Sure, the first years come easy as it fills your brain with dopamine, and your stomach with butterflies but as that fades you have to rely upon having a good partner by your side. A teammate, that picks up your slack when you’re not at your best. A best friend, that you can share your days with. Someone that rather be in a tent under the freeway with you, than a mansion without you. How do you know you found that partner? When someone makes you want to be a better version of yourself because they believe in you more than you do yourself. When you fall they don’t just pick you up but aid you too. When you mess up they don’t need an apology because they already know you are better than that. Most importantly, someone that wants to grow with you and not only in age, a couple that accepts their ignorance, a couple that doesn’t believe in perfection, a couple that wants to learn more together, that kind of growth. A couple that wants to break generational traumas to give their kids a brighter future. That’s the journey, and that’s the path we took to find our happily ever after. A place that only you and your significant other can design.

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