February 12, 2022
Bynum, Texas

Dane & Emily

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Dane Thompson


Emily Thompson




February 12


How We Met


While Dane and Emily went to school together from sixth graders at Kerr Middle School, to 2016 graduates from Centennial High School, they somehow didn't really know each other. They both knew of one another and even had a few choir classes together, but had never talked. Flash forward a couple of years after graduation and Emily's best friend, Gabby, is telling Emily that she has the perfect guy for her. At the time she kept brushing it off because she wasn't looking for a relationship. Finally Emily went with Gabby to a New Year's Eve party with a bunch of kids from their High School and there Dane was. Gabby set them up as gym partners since Emily was wanting to work out more in the new year and Dane was looking for a gym buddy. So they started going to the gym together and going on walks together and hanging out together. With all the time Dane and Emily spent together, they quickly fell for each other. Emily eventually asked Dane to the movies for their first date and have been together ever since.

The Proposal


On the day Dane proposed to Emily, he recreated the day of their first kiss - donuts for breakfast, a trip to Fossil Rim followed by hiking. They got to Fossil Rim and had the best time! Emily finally got to feed the giraffes, like she had always wanted to, and Dane bought her a sloth stuffed animal. Dane took Emily to the overlook where they had their first kiss. They got out of the car and while Emily was looking out, Dane was on his knee. She turned around to see him with the ring. When he asked "Emily, will you marry me?" she cried "YES OF COURSE!"

Our Wedding Ceremony


During the crazy year that was 2020, Dane got bad news that he was being sent overseas for a year with the National Guard. In the midst of wedding planning, Dane and Emily put everything to a stop to figure out what to do next. They both decided to get married before Dane left and with the support of friends and family, they were able to make it possible. So many wonderful friends stepped up to help with venue space, photography, flowers, dinner and cakes. Dane and Emily were able to have a wonderfully intimate wedding with immediate family. Although none of this was according to their plan, it was beautiful. Now that Dane is home and they are together again, Dane and Emily are ready to renew their vows and celebrate with everyone!!

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