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    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

These are the friends and family who will be supporting us on our vow renewal day. This list is certainly not representative of all the people in our life we hold dear. We wish we could have an infinite amount of friends and family in our wedding party.

Cory Dube


Cory is one of Dan's oldest friends. From romping around Hastings together to cabin weekends and backyard hangouts, most of Dan's incriminating stories include Cory. One of Dan's favorite memories is their Denali trip when he and John (Wally) Wahlstrom backpacked through Denali National Park. Cory can be found at the refinery working nights as quality control in the chemistry lab, at his cabin in Turtle lake, or in his tree stand hunting deer. He loves hunting, fishing, and his dog Kitty.

Alexandra (Sasha) Walker

Matron of Honor

Sasha is Yanna's twin and built in best friend. Because Yanna had a small COVID marriage Sasha was forced to give her Maid of Honor speech via zoom. She is looking forward to delivering her speech in person. From softball when they were younger, to snowboarding, EMS, firefighting in their teenage years and now both working in medicine and the Air Force, Sasha and Yanna still share many of the same interests. Sasha recently married Chris and the Walkers live in their home on the hill in Allentown, PA with their Corgi puppy Diesel, and Siamese cat Kevin (Kevin’s a girl!)

Jenica Gerber

Bridesmaid / Wedding Planner

Jenica and Yanna met in the Cardiac ICU. But it wasn't until a couple years in that they became fast friends. Whether it's meeting up for coffee in the greenhouse, going fishing, or getting drinks & pull tabs they always have a great time. Yanna still wants to get Jenica out skydiving but we'll get there one day. Jenica lives in Rochester with her cat Joe Meower, her dog Benelli and her chickens (Yanna's favorite is Pheobe). Bonus fact; Jenica actually enjoys event planning and took on the massive undertaking that was planning this coming wedding for Yanna and Dan.

Casey Iverson


Casey and Yanna met through the Cardiac ICU at Mayo. It was a different nurse who told Casey 'a girl on your unit is looking for a house too, we should all live together'. So Yanna moved in with Casey after only knowing her a couple of weeks! She was one of the best roommates Yanna ever had. When Dan bought his home and Yanna moved in, Dan's friend moved into the basement and Casey moved into the upstairs. She has since moved in with her boyfriend Joe and they now own a house with their puppy Ruby. Casey and Yanna share a love of reading, lounging, snuggling Jasper/Ruby and traveling. They often go on double dates with Joe and Dan. Although it's sometimes hard to tell who's on a date with who since Joe and Dan get along so famously.

Richard Harris

Best Man

Dan and Richie are both Brittany Road (Hastings) natives and get together as much as possible for cabin weekends, trips down to Roch, or just hanging out when Dan is back in town. Dan and Rich share a love of quality films and can often be found at gatherings deep in debate. Dan is proud to have Richard stand by him on his wedding day.

Nick Horsch


Nick is the middle brother - and can usually be found laughing and having the best time at any gathering. Nick and Dan both share a passion for sports and their Honda Rebel motorcycles. Nick lives in Cannon Falls with his girlfriend Colleen and their son, and ring bearer, Jayden.

Jordy Horsch


Jordy is Dan's oldest brother and grew up showing Dan the ropes. Jordy and Dan are both avid fantasy football enthusiasts and Minnesota sports fans. Jordy and his wife Andrea (aka Doc) live in Hastings with their pup Penny, their son and ring bearer, Alder, and their daughter Coley Jo.

Alder Horsch

Ring Bearer

Alder was Yanna and Dan's 2nd nephew! He takes after the Horsch side of the family with flame red hair and a curious personality. He loves bubbles and running around with his cousin Jayden.

Jayden Horsch

Ring Bearer

Jayden was Yanna and Dan's first nephew! With blond hair as bright as his personality he loves sports and watching his dad play baseball and hockey.