Daniel & Ariel



Daniel Stevens


Ariel Ruben

September 2, 2023

How We Met


Dan and Ariel met at a meditation retreat in Los Angeles when Ariel was 15 and Dan was 20. Ariel was completely smitten at first sight, but she was training very hard to become a nun. In fact, both were in training to become monastics and were very seriously pursuing their meditation paths, yet little did they know that life had other plans... When Ariel was 19, she almost entered the Ashram, but the nuns requested that she complete college first. So off to Prescott College (in Arizona) she went. That winter, at an all-day meditation at the Phoenix Temple, Dan walked around the corner and back in Ariel's life! -she almost fainted. How could the nuns send her off to college right where Dan was living??? That night Ariel needed a place to stay and it just so happened that Dan was at his Dad's house, alone, with tons of room. So, maintaining her strict monastic training and keeping a constant 6+ foot distance, Ariel stayed the night at this handsome boy's house - and not just any handsome boy for that matter!! In classic Stevens fashion, there was a massive trapeze swing rigged to the roof and Dan convinced Ariel to bravely launch off the platform into pitch darkness... Dan was charmed by her adventurous spirit, bubbly nature, and deep spiritual curiosity - though artdenly convinced he would become a monk. Ariel was utterly convinced she would become a nun, though secretly head over heels with Dan's radiant smile, huge heart, physical prowess and noble nature. They meditated much of the night, and retired to separate rooms. In the morning Dan served up mana bread with butter and nutritional yeast, exactly how her mom would make it at home - Ariel was shocked that such a man could eat so well too!! Over the course of 12 years, Dan and Ariel forged a strong spiritual connection, maintaining their commitments to their monastic foundations and ideals. Both continued to pursue their monastic careers until only about 5 years ago.... Very slowly, their romance blossomed and they embraced their path as householders together. "About time," said so many of their friends. lol Dan and Ariel have traveled the world together, braved many months of long-distance, they've stayed strong through changing times, and weathered various challenges. Throughout it all they have maintained such a deep loving regard for each other that has only grown with time. They are over the moon excited to unite in marriage and grow a family together. Here's to many more years to come!!

The Proposal


Ariel shares: "Dan totally surprised me and proposed at the farmers market (which is my favorite place ever - I’m pretty sure organic food is my love language) and there was an incredible musician playing love songs and we slow danced to “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis 😅😍 and then the singer announced to the whole crowd over the loudspeaker that we just got engaged and the whole market clapped for joy!! Then a kind man gave us a $50 bill and said “treat yourselves” - and a sweet woman gave me a huge bouquet of flowers that matched the colors of my ring!! - and an elderly man said “never stop dancing. I met my wife dancing 40 years ago!” and all the vendors gave us free food and berries and flowers🥰🥰 It was literally perfect. I couldn’t have imagined it better. Oh, and of course, I said yes!!! 💍🍇🍉🥬🥕"