December 18, 2022
Minneola, FL

Danais & Kenneth

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Daneska Rivera

Maid of Honor

Of the last 21 years of memories I have with Daneska, my favorite is from when we were 4 & 5 years old. We slept in the same bed that night, and I woke up on the floor. Daneska informed me she was not comfortable and needed more room, so she just pushed me off. Even after this, I still chose her to be my Maid of Honor. Daneska is my personal makeup artist, the person I always need an opinion from, and my best friend. There truly is no one else I could imagine taking on the role as my Maid of Honor.

Maddie Rivera

Matron of Honor

My bonus sister that I never knew I needed but could not imagine my life without. Maddie has taken on many roles in the last 12 years. She has been the best cookie baker, the best shopping partner, the oldest Rivera sister, and has recently become the best personal wedding planner ever. Maddie's servant heart has helped me through many obstacles. I always asked for a little sister, but was given another big sister that I didn't know I needed.

Pamelyan Oyola


I always wanted a little sister to mentor, and to take shopping but instead, I got a younger sister who is wiser and teaches me new things every day. Nena has third wheeled with Kenny and I since 9th grade, even though Kenny was always the true third wheel. From Kenny, I gained the sweetest sister who I can learn from, laugh with, and always count on to be my personal photographer.

Elizabeth Kuhblank


The sweetest surprise of my college experience. What has only been in the making for 2 years, feels like a lifetime. Elizabeth is my reminder that sometimes time is irrelevant. In the shortest amount of time, Elizabeth and I have been through the most critical growing moments of our adulthood. We thank God every day for making us random college roommates and giving us a friendship like no other.

Vivian Rogers


From Seminole High School to Florida State University. Vivian is the person who reminds me that spontaneity is necessary. The person who doesn't look at me like I'm crazy when I ask her to box dye my hair. My college experience is better having you as my roomie! No one else I'd rather go to class with, work with, and live with.

Genevieve Opris


I had no idea that our friendship that started in the 1st grade, would lead to this. Through all of these years, our memories are endless. Genevieve has shown me what it truly means to have a selfless heart. I am better because of Gen! I cannot wait for the many more years of our friendship and all the memories to come.

Anna Freyman


Anna is the best thing to come out of my freshman year high school biology class. Our friendship was so accidental, but has become so full of purpose. Anna teaches me to love every day, no matter what. Her positivity is motivating, and her jokes are unbeatable. Even through the Navy, she keeps a smile on her face always seeing the bright side of everything. I can't wait to experience this special day with you by my side!

Adeyka Lopez


Adeyka was my saving Grace at all the Hispanic family parties we had growing up. Escaping the crowd & spending hours in a room talking and talking the night away was what got me through those long nights. At a young age we were just cousins, but as we grew we became friends. The seasons we’ve been through together is what makes our relationship so special. This girl will fight for the ones she loves, so it only makes sense to have her stand by me on my special day.

Gaby Diaz

Honorary Bridesmaid

The most fun little cousin a girl could ask for! Gaby has never failed to make me laugh. She is smart, beautiful, fierce and confident. She changes the energy in a room, and for all of these reasons is why I cannot imagine my wedding day without her.

Adriana Diaz

Honorary Bridesmaid

The sweetest yet secretly fierce girl you will ever meet. Adri makes me SO proud and never ceases to amaze me every time we talk. I love this girl with my whole heart and cannot wait to spend my special day with the sweetest heart and soul I have ever known.

Anthony Oyola

Best Man

Adventurous, courageous, and hardworking are just a few words that can be used to describe the best man for the job, my big brother Anthony. He's the guy with the biggest heart in the world, the most contagious laugh, and too many inside jokes to count. It is never a dull moment with Anthony, and it is an honor to be his brother.

Darren Rivera


My disc golf rival, and my future brother-in-law. Darren is a man whom I respect and honor. Him being a brother of Danais, and a great example of how to treat and honor someone you love. He is a prominent part of Danais' life who she admires and looks up to, and I am truly thankful for his countless advice, and his open acceptance of me into his family. It is a true privilege to have Darren as a brother.

Luis Serrano Solano


Everyone needs a Luis in their life. Or as we in the family like to call him, Luigi. From as far as I can remember, my cousin Luigi never stopped putting others needs over his own. He is fun, caring, compassionate, someone who I respect, and a big reason why I chose to serve beside him in the United States Air Force.

Mark Serrano


I will never forget when Mark led Nena and I in a version of “Singing in the Rain” complemented with loud war cries and silly dance moves. Mark is someone I can sit down beside, and just be authentic with. My cousin is honest, and trustworthy. Also, if you can find someone with a cooler Afro, go ahead and give me a call. Mark, I will carry the torch you’ve passed down to me in SSB with honor and glory!

Jonathan Huber


From building rope swings together, even cutting class sneaking to the nearby trampoline park, to leading our local congregation in worship on stage together. Who would've thought that at the same time our team gained a soulful bassist, I would've gained a brother. Jonathan truly exemplifies the heart of a servant and is always there for me, even when I don't think I need it.

Gabriel Langford


A lifelong friend gained from a mutual desire to learn how to play trombone, Gabriel and I became the best of friends our sophomore year of high school. I've shared some of my hardest laughs with him. I have him to thank for his wonderful family, my love for Hockey, and alternative music.

Fredrick Gomez


No one could've predicted when Freddie and I stood next to each other on the football field during marching band that we would be future brothers. He is also the only man who I will ever relate to on what it is like to date a Rivera. I'm thankful for the tears I've shed laughing at Freddie's jokes, the W's we got playing video games, and a great friendship.

Logan Porter


When I think of my sister finding love one day, I think of someone who will cherish her, respect her, encourage her, and especially someone I see myself becoming close to. Maybe even someone who will love Spider-man just as much as I do! Logan definitely checks all the boxes. He’s a great friend, and it will be relieving knowing I’ll finally have someone on my side in Nena and I’s sibling “discussions”!


Honorary Groomsmen

Diego is someone who can brighten up your day with just his smile and his laugh. This dude's positivity is contagious! I cannot wait to continue building our relationship over our shared interests in video games and sports. It is truly an honor to have Diego as an honorary groomsmen!

Soneska Rivera

Mother of the Bride

Pamela Oyola

Mother of the Groom

Antonio Oyola

Father of the Groom

David Rivera

Father of the Bride

Avery Rivera

Flower Girl

Luna Serrano

Flower Girl

Ander Rivera

Ring Bearer