Daniel & Rebecca

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Daniel Grubman


Rebecca Jiang

June 1, 2024

Monroe, CT
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How we Met

August 2010

Becca and Dan met on their first day of high school. They got to know each other in their two shared classes and would say hi every time they crossed paths in the hallways. Becca didn’t know Dan had a twin brother–though she did wonder how she seemed to run into him everywhere. For an embarrassingly long time, she would confidently walk Scott to her Biology class after lunch before he would get up to go to class and Dan would arrive minutes later. The two grew closer between class, friends, hallway hugs, and after school activities (Becca convinced Dan to join the Ultimate Frisbee team). When the time came, Dan asked Becca to junior prom with a tulip hidden in a water bottle. To his dismay, Becca just so happened to have three tulips from a class earlier that morning. He persevered and she accepted, and the two thought it would only be fair to exchange flowers to seal the deal. One week later on their way to Frisbee practice, Dan took Becca by the town hall to a stone labyrinth. After racing their way to the center, Dan asked Becca to go out with him and the rest is history.


April 5, 2013

Becca and Dan continued dating through high school and college. Although she was in New York and he was in New Hampshire, the two made long distance work with sweet texts, long phone calls, and frequent visits. They stayed long distance while they both started grad school. One silver lining during the pandemic was that it allowed the two to move in together in New Haven. In the time since, they have moved to New York City and have adopted their furry new companion: Luna.

The Proposal

November 6, 2022

After countless sailing trips out of Milford Harbor, Dan planned a picnic on Charles Island. Charles Island is a little bird sanctuary that has always been a symbol of home for all of the sailing trips. Since you can only reach the island via a sandbar during low tide, Dan has to make sure to time it perfectly! Unfortunately, we stayed a little too long and ended up having to run back to shore in knee deep water.