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Parker Bode


Dakodah Terry

February 22, 2024

Orlando, FL
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I can't help, falling in love with you. <3

How They Met


Being the Millennials they are, they met online! Dakodah could tell that there was something different about Parker and knew she was already falling for someone who she had just met online. When they met in person, Parker drove up to Salt Lake because they were both too impatient to wait for the date that they had later that week! Dakodah saw him waiting by his car in the University of Utah parking lot and she knew this was going to be a fun adventure.

The Proposal


Dakodah got the opportunity to travel to New York City, her favorite place in the world, and Parker decided that this was the perfect opportunity. They walked around all day visiting Chelsea and the High Line and then walked to Time Square. Since they had been walking all day and it was 85% humidity, Dakodah needed an ice cream break. While they were relaxing, she saw a commercial about Central Park and the Bethesda Terrace. She told Parker that she wanted to show him that area and he jumped at the opportunity! They walked from Time Square to Bethesda Terrace, jumping a fence along the way. When they got there, it was just around dusk, there was a man playing the guitar and a Latin dance class going on. They walked around the fountain and watched some turtles in the pond, including this GIANT turtle that was definitely the Turtle King. Parker suggested that they go and take pictures inside the Terrace, so while Dakodah was setting up her tripod, Parker walked over to the guitar player and asked him to play a love song. The song he chose was "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley. Parker, then, found someone to record the proposal. Dakodah thought that they were just taking pictures but when they moved in the perfect place, Parker got down on one knee and asked Dakodah to marry him. She was so overjoyed, she immediately said yes! After that we saw a raccoon in the trash and rats fighting in the bushes. lol!

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